6 Weeks = Your Child Can Truly Learn How to Swim

This program is different than most. I offer a personalized swim lesson experience that goes beyond traditional swim instruction. The reason your child will rapidly succeed is because ISR swim lessons are Schedule your child to learn to swimbased on 40 years of experience and research which have honed the safest, most effective experience. That’s why swim lessons adhere to a strict schedule of:

  • 5 days per week (Monday through Friday).
  • 10 minutes each day.
  • 6 weeks duration.

Request a Time for Your Child

A 10-minute time slot for survival swim lessons is available between 8:30AM and 2:00PM.
Evening swim lessons are not currently available (I have five children of my own whom I am raising).

I schedule these 10-minute slots in the order I receive your child’s official registration. However, you may pre-enroll your child now to request the hour you prefer and I will do my best to meet your need.

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ISR Lessons are Unique by DesignLearn to swim with ISR Fort Wayne Baby Swim Lessons

In the past, you may have considered (or even tried) traditional group swim classes, which require less time and tuition. Unfortunately these classes merely give your child a familiarity and

expectation of floaty-boards or finding your outstretched arms – ultimately leading to a false sense of security in water.

Your child DESERVES to be totally prepared should they find themselves alone in the water for even a few seconds.

ISR instruction provides another layer of protection to help ensure your child will NOT be a victim of drowning (the leading cause of accidental death in children under the age of 4).

I’ve had parents drive 1 ½ hours EACH way every day for six weeks just to enroll their child in an ISR Fort Wayne’s class. Why? Because they saw the value and knew I’m the only certified ISR instructor in Northeast Indiana. Many parents enlist the help of other family members to help with getting their child to and from lessons. As parents, we’re used to being flexible to meet the needs of our children. It’s amazing what parents can accomplish when their child’s life depends on it !


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