Refresher Lessons

ISR claims a retention rate of 94-100% up to one year following lessons. Having said this, children grow quickly, explore and may pick up bad habits watching other children.Infant Swimming Resource Fort Wayne Refresher Class

  • An ISR refresher course is recommended each year to help your child adjust to their “new”, bigger body. This is especially important if your child has not been able to practice any appropriate aquatic skill between seasons.
  • Based on ISR research, we know that refresher lessons are important because children change so much both cognitively and physically during the first 4-5 years of life. It is important that their water survival skills grow with their bodies.
  • The goal of an ISR refresher course is to help your child adjust his/her new body size and weight to his/her existing skill level. I will work with your child to help fine-tune his or her aquatic experience to assist with building efficiency, which will result in self-confidence.
  • Refresher lessons are $13 per lesson and require a $35 national registration fee.
    Frequency depends on the child’s age, growth rate, skill level and confidence level.

Endless Summer Program

Drowning season is year round. That’s why I also work year-round to help children continue to survive and thrive in the water. Many parents ask if their child can continue 1-2 days a week throughoutISR Infant Swimming Resource Fort Wayne the winter to take their skills and confidence to the next level, while keeping their swim-float-swim skills in tip-top shape. Plus, it’s something fun for the kids to do during the cold months!

  • My Endless Summer program is designed with the flexibility to tailor the frequency of lessons to reach your child’s next swim goal.
  • Lessons are $13 a session

Asher, age 5, is in the endless summer program and working on his free style stroke to get ready to take the YMCA swim test

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