Parents Give ISR Fort Wayne a 5 Star Rating

As a parent, I know that no two children are the same, and as an ISR Instructor I’m responsible for providing each child with custom tailored ISR Lessons. See what parents are saying about these swim lessons:

starstarstarstarstar PERFECT TOUCH

My 2 year old son is autistic and Emily was able to comfort him in the water while teaching him life saving skills. We just tested out of the program today and I honestly can say it is one of my proudest moments! He did so well! Thank you Emily!!!! ~Ashley

starstarstarstarstar PEACE OF MIND

Emily has taught our children, ages 1 and 3, this life saving techniqueand now we can have more peace of mind while at the pool or lake. Our 3 year old son took the course when he was 1 and then did a refresher this spring. One of our first days at the pool this year he was trying to grab a ball out of the water and fell in. By the time I got to the side of the pool he was in his float getting ready to flip to his swim. He was no worse for wear! We are very thankful for the invaluable life skill Miss Emily has taught children   ~ Rhonda

starstarstarstarstar GREAT VALUE

Two of our children have completed ISR swim classes with Emily and we will be starting our third shortly. It is the best money we have EVER spent! The peace of mind that comes with knowing your child can survive a fall in the water in priceless. I have and will continue to tell everyone I know with small children about these classes. My family loves Miss Emily!   ~ Emily

starstarstarstarstar WORTH THE EFFORT TO DO IT

We are so thankful for ISR. I now have the peace of mind that our 2 year old knows what to do if he should fall in the water. Emily is more than great with kids, and with her knowledge and skills, our son has a gift. It was well worth the money and time to do it. We even drove 1.5 hours each way, and we would do it all over again. We are so thankful for ISR and Emily. THANK YOU!!!! ~ Dave

starstarstarstarstar WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Both my sons have been through ISR with Emily Nelson. I recommend it to everyone! It’s an amazing gift to give your child. Emily is a wonderful, highly qualified teacher–passionate about what she does and so loving to our boys. Our 15 month old can swim-float-swim completely on his own and our 5 year old is a fish! I pray they will never be forced to use their skills in an emergency, but I am thankful knowing they are equipped with self-rescue skillsif needed! ~ Amy

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