Fort Wayne ISR Instructor Emily Nelson

I became a certified ISR instructor in 2010 after I realized how life changing these Self-Rescue skills are to little ones. As a pool owner and mother of five children, I understand the dire need to equip every child with the ability to survive if they reach the water alone. Why? Because a moment’s inattention shouldn’t have to cost a child their life.

When you entrust me to equip your child with these priceless skills, you have peace of mind that I:

  • have successfully taught more than three thousand swim lessons to date.
  • hold a master’s degree in elementary education.
  • am among the most highly qualified  instructors in any swimming program in the country.
  • am trained and tested in areas such as child psychology, physiology, anatomy and behavioral science.
  • must undergo strict re-certification testing annually.
  • swam competitively for years.
  • adore and value each child I am so blessed to teach.

About Your Baby’s Confidence

With hundreds of lakes, pools, and water parks in Northeast Indiana, your child is exposed to water year round. Thankfully, teaching your little ones to save themselves in the water if the need were to arise is the sole purpose of Infant Swimming Resource. But, there are more awesome benefits:

  1. For a lot of little ones, learning their ISR Self-Rescue™ skills will be the first thing they accomplish without the help of mom and dad. I never get tired of seeing your child so proud of themselves! Investing in your child’s safety is invaluable.
  2. When you give your child the gift of confidence to survive and thrive in water, you’ll know they have the ability to save themselves when it really counts, plus you’ll also experience increased enjoyment of water activities together.
  3. ISR is the foundation for a lifetime of fun, safe, enjoyment of the water from snorkeling to swim teams.

Get ready for incredible memories to delight in for years to come!  Let me teach your child to become a confident floater and swimmer in just a few short weeks.  Pre-enroll your baby now.

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