Welcome to Baby Swim Lessons with ISR Fort Wayne!

I’m Emily Nelson, Northeast Indiana’s only certified ISR instructor.  I’m thrilled for the opportunity to share my passion for survival swimming with you and your precious ones in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

Why ISR?ISR_Logo_Largepreview

Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) is nationally recognized as the safest provider of survival swimming lessons for children ages 6 months to 6 years old.

With over 40 years of research and intense instructor training, ISR offers the best swimming lessons based on behavioral science.  With ISR, your child will become a confident swimmer and  floater in any depth of water. The goal of ISR is that your child becomes an “aquatic problem solver.”

When you enroll your child in ISR baby swimming lessons, you greatly increase your baby’s chance of surviving an aquatic accident, even when fully clothed!   ISR lessons:

  • provide your child with the competence and confidence to safely enjoy the water.
  • are customized and taught one-on-one by certified ISR instructor Emily Nelson
  • last for 10 minutes, Monday through Friday for 6 weeks.
  • emphasize health, ongoing program evaluations and parent education.
  • are the only choice for parents who are dedicated to their child’s safety, education and developmental needs.

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