The following Infant Swimming Parent Guidelines have been outlined and created to allow you to provide your child with the best and safest experience during his or her participation in ISR Baby Swimming Lessons. Many of these Guidelines have been established based on 44 years of research and experience and thus, they exist to protect the health and well being of your child.

Please review the following list carefully and please ask me if you have any questions.

1. Monitor Your Child’s Wellness

The BUDS sheet will be reviewed by me before each lesson. Please have it accurately completed before each lesson. This is extremely important for your child’s safe and effective lesson. I use the information provided you to ensure each lesson is custom tailored to your child’s specific needs for that day.

2. Restrict Your Child’s Diet Accordingly

Diet is an important aspect of your child’s ISR Lesson Experience. Your child should not eat or drink milk within 2 hours of their lesson time slot. In addition, infants and toddlers should avoid apple and peach products throughout the duration of their ISR Lessons. Apple products are high in fiber, which can cause gas and bloating that will make the floating and swimming maneuvers practiced during ISR lessons difficult and sometimes painful. Please review the Diet section of your ISR PRB for more information.

3. Stock up on Appropriate Swim Diapers

If your child is not 100% potty trained; they MUST have two forms of protection under their swim suit. He or she must wear a disposable swim diaper WITH a fabric swim diaper during the lesson. If your child is a new registration, you will be receiving a coupon for a fabric swim diaper in your registration box that you can redeem in our ISR seal store, or you can purchase one at a Target or Wal-Mart.

4. Be Timely with Your Tuition Payment

Your payment is due on Monday of each week for that week of lessons. You are paying for your child’s time slot, regardless of the number of times during the week your child is able to attend. There is no prorated payment plan. Consistent late payments may result in the termination of lessons. Fee schedule: 1 child $85, 2 siblings $145.

*There will be a late charge of $10 for payments not received by Tuesday. (I understand circumstances arise, so if there is a problem please talk with me.)

5. Communicate & Take Responsibility for  Missed lessons

If  you do not show up for a lesson, you are still responsible for payment for that lesson. If it is necessary for me to cancel the lesson your lessons will be prorated for that week. Consistent participation is essential for your child to progress through the lessons.

ABSENCES DUE TO ILLNESS OR VACATIONS WILL NOT BE PRORATED. If your child misses due to illness or another unavoidable circumstance “make-up” days will be available.

6. Give Your Child Consistent Access to Swim

Consistent participation is necessary as to how well your child will learn and progress throughout the lessons. Shaping aquatic survival skills and problem solving demands consistency and repetition. A positive attitude poolside will also enhance your child’s learning as well as those around you. Please read chapter 1 of your Parent Resource Book before your child’s first lesson.

7. Be Flexible When Bad weather Arise

If I determine that the lesson should be canceled due to bad weather conditions, you will be notified. If I do not call you to cancel the lesson will continue as usual. If the lesson is canceled because of weather there will be “make-up” days available.

8. Dialogue Often

During lessons If you have any questions or concerns that can not be answered during your time slot, please let me know by emailing me and I will email you that evening to answer or discuss them. Or, please feel free to give me a call anytime. Please understand that when I am working with a child in the water, my focus must be on that child 100%. Your feelings regarding the lesson are very important to me and I value the opportunity to discuss them with you at a time when I am not rushed and can give you proper attention.

9. Be Respectful with Video Taping/Photos

It is ISR Policy that Parents may video tape their child’s first lesson and then each Friday through the duration of Lessons. Although video is to be taken on FRIDAYS ONLY photographs may be taken at anytime during any lessons.

10. Ensure Responsibility for Your Child When NOT in the Water for Lessons

Understand that while your children are in the water with me during swim lessons I am responsible for them and that at all times that any child is not in the water, that you or your designated agent is completely and totally responsible for the safety and well being of the child/children. You completely release your instructor (Emily Nelson) and the homeowner (s) where lessons are taking place from any liability of from any personal injuries suffered by any child that you or your designated agent brings to the residence where lessons are being held while on the premises other than the time only when the child is in the water during lessons with me.